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Fix logic error in the WindleEdit Available QSOs list generation.
Completely re-designed the handling of Windle displays.
Rebuilt import code for all entry file types supported ADIF, CABRILLO, WINFOC, and WINEQF.
Add option feature to Block Windle Spots If Month Is Already Used. This option allows you to see only those Windle spots that you need.
Fixed all three spot source processing modules that caused FAM to halt if the incomming spot data was only a carriage return and linefeed. Only occurs on some telnet sites.
Add error message pop up when WinFOC imported file has errors in the file (e.g. bad member Nr) and a finished message if all was OK.
Added WinEQF files to supported import file type list and enhanced the WINFOC import function with Windle entry checking.
Enhanced ADIF and CABRILLO import file function to eliminate/allow duplicates and provide better handlinng of Windle entries.
Updated WAE coutries list. Removed R1M, Malyj Vysotskij Island and changed TA to TA1.
Fixed earliest QSO for WAS award has to be after the start of year 2000.
Added a duplicate QSO removal function. Multiple qsos used in the previous years Windle awards can be removed to minimize the size of the database. QSOs used for all other FOC awards remain in the database and QSOs made for the current year are not affected. The dupe removal function should not be over used, just once at the end of the year after all the year's QSOs have been entered is the proper way to use the feature.
Fixed problem where the bands worked were not display for members with numbers less that 880. This didn't affect any of the awards.
When member/band only needed for Windle, the color is permanently changed from orange to gray.
Fixed Dupe Difference value, entered data was not being saved.
Changed the User Data entry method to support Windows 10 differences.
Added auto updating for the Nominations List.
Fixed several fault conditions that were being caught normally, but now with the change, do not occur at all.
Added recognition of G4FOC spotting and QSO bands worked. Enter "G4FOC" in Query Call textbox and band indicators will turn green for each band worked.
Added Dupe check for G4FOC callsign.
Adds Spotting for alternate callsigns, displays alternate callsign vs reqular callsign.
Adds feature for determining the default information for alternate callsigns, given an alternate callsign.
Fix bug where membership numbers were not being displayed for members with numbers less than 880. Non issued numbers were causing it.
Fixed spots being dropped when using Hosts 2 and 3.
Fixed support for 60M where it wouldn't log certain callsigns.
Fixed bug in "FOC Members Worked" and "ShowAllSpots" checkbox options.
Added stats for "Member" tab.
Fixed error in display of "Only Listed States" option.
Enhanced Windle Editor with rule based Windle error detection.
Added database information at the top of the FAM window, showing the latest member number and the version of the database currently being used.
Added setup alerts and verifications of required files - foc.ico and ZedGraph.dll, which must be in the FOC Award Manager folder.
A new checkbox which can be found below the available QSO list on the WindleEdit screen allows the user to more quickly move through the errors if the option is not checked.
FAM was designed for english-United States date formats. Added Globalization for "en-US" to the program to force US date format regardless of the actual location; this does not affect the UTC use for QSO date-time.
Reworked the Alert structure to solve problems with the FOC activity notifications.
Modified the Windle verification function to check for duplicate bands and check for valid month.
Fixed a problem where some Telnet sources for spots were adding a zero after the callsign in the host return messages, which caused the keep-alive messages to be shown in the spot list.
Version not released, changes incorporated into version 1.09.
Fix date problem not allowing import of member.
160M and 60M conflict because of the way the original program was designed. Had to add delimiters to make 160M and 60M unique to each other.
QSOs with K1AR were being recognized as HK1AR due to the search sequence use in the ADI import module. Added delimiters to insure each callsign is unique.
Changed search process to speed up Summary report.
New, Checkbox to block RTTY, PSK, JT65, OTHER, and BEACON spots.
New, Added a drop-down list to aid the selection of the correct member callsign.
New, QSO check for Windle population with ADIF or CAB file input function. Adds search for the same band worked previiously
New, Added a function to step through members where at least one Windle QSO has been made to allow the user to verify that all Windle points have been properly added.
New, When viewing a Windle record in WindleEdit, user may double click to highlight the entire line of a given QSO. Also when changing the Windle entry, a different QSO may be copied directly over an existing QSO, so no typing is needed.
New, When viewing incoming spots the user can use the mouse to either look at the Windle for the member referenced in the spot, or quickly and directly log the spot into the FAM database, if the station was worked. The function is changed by clicking the button on the lower left corner of the spot listing. In conjunction with this function, the user may also elect to automatically call the the WIndleEdit screen after a QSO is entered or not call WindleEdit.
Fixed Member Listing so that the "Y" tab points to Augies worked.
FAM database of members updated.
Updated arrl-cty.txt file.
Button to remove dupes was removed, this function will be added back in later and only remove a duplicate if the duplicate is the second or later QSO and occurred in a previous year.
Fixed Turkish QSO that were in the first call area of Turkey to be in Europe and eligible for the WAE(currently non-foc award). Also verified that the Europe-Asia designator worked properly
Fixed problem that occured when a QSO on 40M was was previously worked for WAFOC and Windle credit, but still showed up as needed.
Updated the nominations so that if the checkbox is checked, the "*" status for that nominee is shown after the callsign for the nominee's spot.
Checkbox changes -- The state of the following checkboxes are now saved to memory on program exit and returned to the current state when FAM is rerun.
---Automatically Show WindleEdit After a QSO is Entered,
---Pass/Spot FOC Nominees,
---Pass CW DXCC Wantlist,
---Use Remote Commands, and
---Block Past Member Spots.
Updated the FOC members list with all names and correct states.
Added a feature to either spot or not spot callsigns of persons that have been nominated for FOC. The feature is implemented through an external file that can be updated by the user, when activated by checking the checkbox, allows display of spots for each current nominee. Plan is to make the update automatic, but that automation is not in this release.
Added a join date to the system page, it is used to block QSOs made before your join date.
Made changes to the "WindleEDIT" tab, this is mainly related to button positions and color, and some minor operational changes.
Made changes to the ADI import function so that the Windle count is added if there is no previous entry in the month of the QSO for the current year.
Added automatic Marathon tagging so that Marathon QSOs do not add to the totals for the Windle Award. Previously the entire file had to be mark as either Marathon or Normal QSOs.
Fixed ADI import function to automatically import "G4FOC" QSOs with a Member Nr of zero and the UK (G) country tag. If the operator is known, then you should enter the QSO as a single QSO where you can make the changes needed to identify the operator.
Fix ambiguous G8VG Op name and Member number, based on the end date of Bill Windle's FOC membership (1/1/1984).
Fixed problem with the "Award Summary" listings where the list was not immediately displayed when switching from top tabs to a lower tab.
Fixed multiple possible memory leaks pertaining to reliability per microsoft security warning type CA2000.
Fixed the "Last Heard" count so that it only shows current members that have been spotted since the last reset.
Added automatic file generation for the five files below:(where "Callsign is a part of the filename, that woud be your callsign).
---FOCNominationsList.txt, and
Initial release of FAM software (32-bit).