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B&B Cyber Software
Kimberling City, MO

Updated: 9 August 2011

(ARRL and LoTW are trademarks of the American Radio Relay League.)

FREE CWops Award Manager(CAM) and Latest Update -- download Here
Setup Latest CAM software update, version 1.9.1): 26 July 2011.

FREE CWops Member Query Program (CMQ) and N1MM History File -- download Here
Setup File, includes CWops Membership file(history file) and LoTW known user file as of: 9 March 2010.

LotW Callsign Update File for VE3NEA's Band Master -- download Here
Latest Update -- (44,027 callsigns - 337 countries+Maritime Mobiles, as of: 26 July 2011).

LotW List --
(credit for most of LotW user data to: Robert, HB9BZA)

FREE Download Updated 11 March 2010!
LotW User Query Utility Program, Ver 1.4
Version 1.4 increases capability for a larger number of callsigns

Available on LUQ download page is an updated LotW known user list MDB database file for SpotCollector, ver. 3.0.4 or later.

Tell members of your club about this list and utility program then Help add user callsigns to this list by: 1) listing callsigns of all amateurs that are using LoTW, and/or 2) generating a report (lotwreport.adi) of your confirmed QSLs from within LoTW and submitting that information by EMAIL for addition to the list.

The LOGBOOK OF THE WORLD (LotW) is a trademark of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

Descriptions of Current Contests for CyberDX-CW and CyberCWContest Programs

Current CyberCWContest Standings

Current CyberDX-CW Standings

Joe Nemecek, K0JN, first to log all 334 countries using CyberDX-CW, 12 July 2001

CyberCWContest Updated, Version 1.51, 2 February 2004
CyberDX-CW Updated, Version 1.41, 11 May 2000

B&B Cyber Software provides custom software development, web page development, and manufactures various communications and amateur radio related software products. See below for descriptions of services and products.





CyberDX-SSB is a cyberspace simulation of amateur radio SSB DXCC (Version 1.00) Still under development, not yet for sale.


Awards Program Has Now Been Started


CyberDX-CW is a cyberspace simulation of amateur radio CW DXCC (Latest Version 1.41)

Review Kansas City DX Club REVIEW

$19.95 US. Use PayPal or Credit Card, Enter Callsign, Click "Buy Now"

CyberDx-CW -- Enter Callsign

Awards Program

CyberCWContest is a cyberspace simulation of amateur radio CW Contesting and contest trainer (Latest Version 1.51)

$19.95 US. Use PayPal or Credit Card, Enter Callsign, Click "Buy Now"

CyberCWContest--Enter Callsign



Become a Credit Card Merchant



CyberCWContest High Score Listings

HB9BZA LoTW Resouces

HamTrader Ham Related Classifieds
ARRL Homepage
QRZ Callsign Database
DX Summit
Kansas City DX Club
Radiodan Henry Radio RF Power Amplifiers for LESS! New, used, unusual, classic radios, accys & RF POWER!


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FISHING - Table Rock Lake, Branson, Missouri -- Fishing guide service. Limited lodging available for customers.



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B&B Cyber Software

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