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Latest Version -- FOC Award Manager, Version 1.0.15

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FullFocDataList -- Backup your FullFocDataList.csv file and then replace it with the contents of this zip file.

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  FOC Award Manager (FAM) -- Description

"FAM is an awards manager software program that aids FOC members in maintain the status of their quest for awards associated with FOC. All awards identified on the website as of 1 May  2015 are included. The program will be upgraded if and when the criteria for the awards are changed, or new awards are announced. The main functions performed by the FAM software include:

1). Input QSO data, associated with individual contacts with FOC members, through the loading of such data using either adif or cabrillo formatted log files.

2). Maintaining a database, containing the QSO information pertaining to all unique contacts between members of the FOC, on a band-by-band basis.

3). Scoring each individual FOC related award against the current database of QSOs, inlcuding both overall and "by-band", where applicable.

4). Generates NEED lists and WORKED lists for those awards, where those operating aids are usually deemed necessary."

5). Provides member identification, through the use of colored spots, "Maroon" = Never Worked (Augie); "Red" = New Windle Member; "Orange" = Need on Spotted Band for WAFOC or Windle; "Green" = Member, but already worked on band; and "Black" = Not a Member, but is on the current nominations list (may be "Blue" if a member of LoTW).

6). Provides audible alerts and cell phone text message for individual spots of tagged callsigns, as options."

7). Query the FOC Membership roster and display specific member related information including name, member number, date of membership, country, state/province, and LoTW membership status."

8). Maintains a list of approximatly when the member was last heard.  See the FAM manual for additional information and examples.

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