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Fixed All-Time Member total on "Summary" tab.
Modified spot duplication module and expanded the spot checking matrix from 100 to 300 spots to minimize the duplicate spots.
Change code to look at the member number in addition to the callsign when checking QSOs for US States and Canadian provinces.
Added delimiters to checks for callsigns and member numbers to preclude partial callsigns and short member numbers from producing errors.
Fixes WAE award so that it handles the Turkish stations as they pertain to the Zone, TA1 callsigns are in Europe and all calls with numbers other than "1" are Asia.
Along with the new MemberDataList2.csv file, fixes numerous state, and start/end dates for members.
Fixes error in the conversion of some frequencies that had resulted in callsigns that should be green where marked in orange signifying that it was needed.
Adds chkbox to block past members from being spotted.
Fixes problem of not spotting some North American stations when NAQP NA filter was selected.
Fixed problem with memory when member data file contains a large number of QSOs Large, over 30,000.
Modified the Remove dupes function to handle additional dupe recognition cases where the Member is at a different location.
Added a Function to block RTTY and OTHER digital modes spots (like PSK). The function also blocks BEACON spots
Fixes small problem with the RTTY blockiing function didn't handle some BEACON spots correctly.
Adds individual bandpass filters for each designated alert callsign. Only spot the bands you need; use band format like: 160 80 40, with a space between each band.
Displays the band slot information for each of the current alert callsigns, saves and retrieves band data between sessions.
Adds state alerting, Enter states wanted to pass, like this: " FL NE AL ".
Allows for an arbitrary number of FOC members.
Now supports "FOC spots only" and saves the state of the checkbox.
Adds automatic updating of FOC membership list.
Increses number of usable alert callsigns from 9 to 14.
Deeper duplicate buffers so that fewer duplicates make it thru during high spot rate conditions.
Fix limit for number of member callsigns, previously 1500, now 2500.
Fixed a problem where CAM did not handle the 10Hz digit in a spot when RTTY is sending freq to 10Hz vs older 100Hz digit.
Fixes problem of not spotting some north american stations when NAQP NA filter was selected.
Changes width of totals block to accomodate a little larger font size.
Fixes bad link for QRZ.COM.
Updates link to register or donate.
Minor change to duplicate checking process.
Adds dupe checking of callsigns designated for alerting so that dx-pediton spots do not fill in the whole screen.
Adds spotting option to filter spots for just county hunter frequencies. The width of the bands can be set by the user (click on the blue colored number).
Adds option to pass duplicates so that the user can check and compare spot sources for accuracy versus other spots of the same station near the same time.
Adds option to clear the duplicate stations list so that all spots will be be processed again after using your logger commands like "Remove All Spots From Band Map".
Adds an option to the database update screen -- tab "System-Database Updates" to update the MemberDataAddOn.csv file. This file is used to store special call operations (i.e. K8O callsign that was used 27-28 Aug 2011 by member K2KW CWops# 80).
Adds button to database update screen to Backup the current "" database file to the "Backups" folder. This option overwrites the previous backup file. Backup files are not disturbed when applying a new update.
Adds option to turn off the display of remote CAM keep-alives.
Makes the Connect button respond faster, now doesn't show a red Connect button if a filter is selected that precludes most of the spots.
Fixes condition where a user had the CAM software fail because of a string to double conversion that gave the wrong answer. The problem does not occur on the developmental computers and nobody else has reported it, but it is fixed by writing a separate string to single precision conversion routine.
Enhanced duplicate spot recognition.
Catch error for clipboard not available so that CAM will not crash.
Expanded Banned webserver list from 5 to unlimited because there are many spot servers that were not setup properly as to the frequency of the spot. Banned servers are entered by callsign and separated by any character except a comma (suggest a dash or a space).
Adds a spectrum scope like screen in addition to the list of spotted stations. At this point this is more or less a novelty, but later, click to spot will be implemented.
Adds recognition for "LIFE" members of CWops with a GOLD colored background for the callsign block on the Query page.
Adds a field to the end of each line in the MemberDataList2.csv file to accomodate the "LIFE" member status, which was added to the member database.
Fixes bugs relating to the Remove Dupes and Verify/Repair options .
Fixes bug relating to QSOs with callsigns in personal AddOn.csv file being dropped and then removed by the duplicate check and/or the repair function.
On the "Member Query/Status" TAB, identifies callsigns of past members that are now inactive and therefore new QSOs with that station cannot be used for awards.
Adds checkbox to block past members from being display when filters for members only are checked. This does not affect award totals for QSOs made with the past member prior to their quit date.
Places date and time on messages shown when the internet site cannot be access, either by the site itself or because you have lost internet access.
Version 1.9.3 has the full implementation of using the quit date to determine eligibility of a QSO for award credit, so ACA and CMA credits could be reduced if you worked a station that did not renew membership and the date of the QSO was after the quit date as published in the member database.
Fixes bugs relating to changes in the auto updating feature.
Fixes bug affecting the selection of a port number for the embedded spot server.
Fixes bug affecting the proper date format for the new personal member data file.
Updates countries list to add South Sudan ST0.
Adds option for user to add callsigns used by a CWops member, which generates a separate file named Username-AddOn.csv with the following format -- "ID,,,Callsign,Nickname,ValidStartDate,ValidQuitDate,DXCC,StateProvince,"
Modifies the Membership database population method to use an abbreviated listing which does not include personal data and makes it easier to supply updated databases and History files to users.
Changes default end or quit date to 31 Dec 2099, if none is listed in memberdata.
Fixes bug where filename for listings of ACA QSOs by year was not naming the file correctly.
Adds valid membership date range checking for Summary awards. Note, this lowers the ACA totals for year 2011 by a few credits, for most users.
When selecting an ADIF/Cabrillo file for processing, CAM now saves the last used file path.
Adds options to the "System--Database Updates" TAB for updating the membership database and lotw member file from their internet sources.
Adds user selectable option(s) to automatically update the database(s) before each time the CAM is started. You will no longer have to perform a new installation to update the member and LoTW databases.
All users should upgrade to version 1.9.0 because the earlier versions do not support over 1000 members.
Increases array depth to accomodate member callsigns numbering up to 1500.
Updates membership add on file to 932 members and LoTW list to 15 Jul 2011.
Fixes bug in the selection of the new PJ countries in both the ADIF processing and the Single QSO entry.
Updates membership add on file to 917 members.
Adds an option to only pass CWops member spots for a user defined list of US states, this is handy for state QSO parties where you are looking for users located in specific states.
Adds an option to only pass FOC member spots, based on a membership list now included in the /DataFiles folder. This was added because a high number of CWops are FOC members and enter the FOC QSO parties.
Fix error that effects only the DX Award, where a member using a non-member callsign was not being included in the DX totals.
Add code to force a default year as the current year for the ACA year award during initial setup.
Add Summary sub-tab to Awards tab, showing totals and overall non-award total for ACA that includes all years.
Add utility to remove duplicates from the database; duplicate defined for any specific member number. To be a duplicate, the band, year, country, and state have to be the same
Move Server spot filter activation to "Server" tab from the "Telnet/Skimmer" tab.
Change duplicate checking buffer from last 30 spots to last 100 spots.
Add ACA yearly totals to ACA tab, separate from the year currently being viewed.
Fix bug in ADI/Cabrillo input to make sure duplicates are not entered into the log unless it is the first QSO with the member in a different year.
Change membership list to show whether the member was worked in the year selected for the ACA award.
Add support for CommCat Logger generated ADI files.
Add CWops member search for callsign(s) associated with the member number.
Adds Auto Reconnect if telnet connection(s) lost and if AutoConnect(s) Checked, will auto connect on program start.
Adds checkboxes on "Telnet/Skimmer" tab to select which telnet clients to auto-connect and auto-reconnect, if connection is lost.
Fix spot format error when incoming spot is preceeded by a null character.
Fixed display and Server filters, which were passing US/VE when DX only was selected.
Added a button to halt the display of spots to reduce the load on the computer hosting the CAM. This is used when just using CAM's internal server to feed another logger.
Fixes errors in country file and wae file where 4O and E7 countries were not counted correctly in WAE and DX awards.
Adds changing E7 prefix from T9 to E7 in the "Verify/Repair Database" function, on the "Add QSOs From File" tab.
Calc Registration number and update program so user doesn't have to quit/restart after entering registration number.
Fix bug in Country selection lists for "Add QSOs From File" and "Add Single QSO".
Fix uppercase problem in DX4WIN ADIF import module.
Fix DateTime related error by bypassing built-in library conversion. This only affected non-US regions or those that have modified the default date format for their region.
Fix bug in ADIF processing where processing missed some 2011 QSOs when that member had not been worked in 2010.
Fix Region area DateTime conversion problem.
Fix typo in MemberDataAddOn.csv file.
Adds fix for problem with "G" stations when using "M/" designator.
Fixes error when HRD ADIF files are read that missed the state info because of the need for an additional state/province validity check.
Fixes problem which allowed the DB state/province field to contain other than "--" for non K/VE QSOs.
Adds Verify/Repair Function to "QSO DB" tab to auto fix errors in the database including addition of non-members and wrong country or state/province indicators.
Add Checkboxes to select either ACA or CMA oriented color tagging of incoming spots.
Adds Server output filter to PASS or BLOCK US/VE, North America, and Rest of World mainly to support the NAQP and DX contests.
Modified Filter Selection to allow for the Server output filter to be used for the spot display.
Adds ADIF processing support for Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD)generated files.
Added depth to the spot filtering to pick up and not display duplicate spots.
Fix problem that leaves the CAM window off the screen. If off screen, stores the 0,0 location.
Fix ACA award counting to handle multiple years and allow duplicate QSOs if year is different.
Add automatic update of ACA Award when changing the Year value on the ACA Tab.
Added UP and DN buttons to change the year and display of ACA levels.
Revamp of memberdata CSV file and MemberAddOn.csv file.
Changed installation to a self-extracting EXE file to eliminate configuration problems on install or update.
Upgrades are now handled in the same manner as full installs.
Major speed up in building awards list, now under one second for all listings.
Modified ADIF file processing to use "STATE" and/or "ARRL_SECT" tags to file in the correct location for mobiles and regular QSOs.
Not Released
Added code to make sure that multiple QSOs are not added when a mobile is in the same state as was in an earlier QSO for WAS award only.
Add feature to relay DX spot from server input to selected telnet connection.
Fixed bug where certain calls were not added correctly in "Add Single QSO" function.
Fixed bug where a re-enter of an ADI file would produce some duplicate entries, did not affect the score.
Changed method of search for members to allow portable callsigns, even though some members may be missed if the portable callsigns are not in the database.
Add Server Control Mode, where left click sends frequency to another instance's server(if "Use Remote Cmds" is checked on the "Server" tab.
Add Cmd#0 process to Member Query/Status LEFT click. Supplements the paste to Clipboard process, sending freq to a separate logger. Requires remote server connected and AutoHotKey script.
Add toggle on the callsign Query box to stop the Query call from being updated when manually using the feature. Triggered by clicking on the "Call:" title. Title turns Red when the auto update is blocked and black when it is in manual mode.
Add Messages and lockouts to help new users to not get in trouble during "User Data" setup.
Adds check to make sure that a portable user is a member. (Still needs code to remove duplicates because of portable processing -- next update.)
Adds “Pass Prefix” option which allows you to enter a prefix or a part of a prefix, which will tell CAM to display all spots that have that prefix at the begining of the callsign. Use to display all of the new PJ stations regardless of whether or not the spot references a CWops member.
Fixed connection drop when callsign is missing from spot. Fixed condition where connection could not be re-started after disconnecting. Add Server so that a logger can make one connection to CAM and take advantage of up to three spot sources and CAM filtering options. Adds a setup tab for the Telnet Server.
Not Released
Adds a spot counter at the bottom of the display. Adds KeepAlive messages to keep Telnet server from disconnecting at the default time. Adds an additional telnet server to allow the logger program to use a total of three Telnet servers and filters that drive CAM.
Not Released
Adds support for two separate Telnet Clients which both drive the spot display. This allows for a Skimmer and a Telnet server to both be connected at the same time. Rearranged screen for Telnet to implement separate controls for each Telnet Client.
Adds search capability to give list of possible calls of CWops members that contain the string currently in the Query Call text box.
Fixed Auto Restart error during setup.
Moved arrl_cty.txt file to the DataFiles folder.
Fixed tab positions on User Data tab for faster setup.
Added Confirm messagebox to exit program sequence.
Changed LastHeardFileArchive folder name to CAMBackupFiles.
Added member/non-member used/total QSOs reporting to "Add QSOs From File" function.


Initial Release